Need help on webcam

Aug 25, 2010 at 7:25 PM


I have created my env and robot with webcam in SPL . I have executed the script using VPL  . I have compiled the VPL to C# code and iam working with the C# code . I want to perform some complex calculations based on the webcam image frames . In the generated c# code if i simply add webcam as a partner then at runtime its throwing error . Can you tell me how to hook the webcam in the VPL so that i can generate the c# code with webcam as one of the partner so that i can work with the webcam frames.

I checked with all the HelloApps and i could't get one that will provide me the webcam frames.

I need the Webcam. Update Frames call back method in my class so that i can work with the image frames . Will you be able to help me with this ?